(VIDEO) Jon Stewart Delivers Knockout Blow To NFL Over Ray Rice ‘Punishment’

Jon Stewart and The Daily Show gave Roger Goodell and the NFL an ol’ fashioned beatdown (bad choice of words? too soon?) over their “punishment” of Baltimore Ravens running batterer Ray Rice.

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(VIDEO) NFL Bans Goal Post Dunks

The NoFunLeage is at it again. This time banning the ol’ goal post slam dunk.

NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino was on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday and said that dunking the ball over the crossbar will result in a penalty starting in the 2014 season.

The move was made famous by recently retired tight end Tony Gonzalez.

Thanks for taking the fun out of the game, Roger Goodell. We can’t expose the children of America to these sorts of excessive celebratory actions. Off the field? Go do whatever you want NFL players – drink and drive, set up a dog fighting ring, go on an Aaron Hernandez murder spree, just don’t be dunking that football.

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NFL considering longer extra-point tries


According to NFL.com, the league is considering increasing the length of extra-points:

“The NFL Competition Committee has discussed experimenting this preseason with a longer — much longer — extra-point try. The committee’s meetings this weekend included preliminary talks about placing the ball at the 25-yard line for the extra-point kick — which would make it a 42-yard attempt — rather than the 2-yard line, where it is currently placed.”

There was talk that the NFL could eliminate the extra-point entirely. Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “The extra-point is almost automatic… and you want to add excitement with every play.”

Some ideas to add excitement include letting the player that scores do the kicking, making the attempt blindfolded, exploding footballs and every team having their own Air Bud.

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Roger Goodell Made $44 Mil Last Year, Barely Scraped By

According to Daniel Kaplan of Sports Business Daily, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell pulled in a cool $44 million last year.

Owners Arthur Blank, Robert Kraft and Jerry Richardson wrote in a letter to their fellow owners emailed Friday afternoon, which reads: “Goodell’s compensation reflects our pay-for-performance philosophy and is appropriate given the fact that the NFL under his consistently strong leadership continues to grow.”


Earl Campbell can’t walk.


Jim McMahon has dementia.


Terry Tautolo is homeless.


And Junior Seau took his own life.


Enjoy your unicorn caviar, Mr. Goodell.


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Antonio Cromartie: Legalize it!


New York Jets defensive back Antonio Cromartie thinks the NFL should let players smoke the sticky icky because so many players are already toking up.

Cromartie told the website ThisIs50 last week:

“They need to just let it go. *fires up bong* They’re just going to do it anyway. *cough cough* They just need to let it go. *giggle* They need to go ahead and say, ‘Y’all go ahead, smoke it, do what you need to do.’ ” *eats giant bag of Funyuns*

Marijuana is currently a banned substance in the NFL, but the commissioner (and huge Snoop Dogg fan) Roger Goodell has said the league will continue to “evaluate the drug’s potential as a pain reliever.”

By “continuing to evaluate” Ganja Goodell means this:

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